Planning the Perfect Wedding Reception

by Nik Edser

When it comes to your wedding reception, you want it to be just as magical and memorable as the ceremony itself.  Many brides tend to forget that over 80% of the day is actually spent at the wedding reception, but 90% of the planning goes into the 20% of the day (which is the ceremony).

wedding reception
Here are some tips to help ensure you have a fantastic reception -

Respect Your Guests
Okay, it’s YOUR day, but without your guests it wouldn’t be much of a celebration would it?  The reception is a time to celebrate your (very) recent marriage with your family and friends.  Remember to make sure they are respected and made to feel welcome.  Little things like making sure you have their names spelled correctly on their place cards, special seating arrangements for any guests that might have special needs and making sure you don’t place the older guests right under any loud speakers all goes to making a smooth evening.  Even when it comes to your music selection on the night, make sure you think of all the ages and demographics of your guests.  Make sure you have a DJ or band that can play a very diverse range of songs to suit your very diverse range of guests!

Choose Your MC Wisely
It is a very common mistake for bridal couples to choose someone they think is the funniest person they know to be the MC (Master of Ceremonies).  This is a terrible idea.  Sure, it’s nice to have someone with a sense of humor, but not at the expense of letting the night go uncontrolled.  The main duty of an MC is to ensure the night runs on time and to liaise with the venue staff regularly.  So, that friend or family member you were thinking of that is “really funny when they are drunk”, is the absolute worst possible choice you could make for your special night.

Speech Time
Have an order of speeches planned before the wedding reception.  Make sure all the people you plan on speaking are aware that they are supposed to make a speech.  Let them know if you wan them to keep it under a certain time.  This ensures they don’t blow the night out by making a huge 40 minute speech.  Also, get the MC to give them a quick microphone etiquette lesson before speeches start as many people are uncomfortable with a microphone.

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